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Sakaria Knitting Industries was founded in Pakistan in 2006, and it is still one of the leading apparel and home textile businesses there. It specializes in working with many importers for the American and European markets to assist volume producers, private label retailers, importers, and department stores around the world with their apparel and home textile products.

As we have been doing over the past many years of business, our integrated team of professionals is well-equipped to handle every order from importers and retail stores throughout the world. We have a proven track record of performing to the customer's specifications while upholding quality standards, deadlines, and a price-to-product ratio.


Product Sourcing

We are experts in locating the product information you require. We get it from a variety of sources, including: industry specialists in technical apparel, reference materials, market and trend studies from trade associations/publications, etc. SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES serving the demands of retail sellers around the world for more than ten years. SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES has become well-known worldwide and has developed the capacity to work closely with the rapidly evolving garment trend as a result of this in particular.

Social & Technical Compliances

To further protect our workers and every customer who buys our products, we are constantly updating our policies. At SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES, we go through a process where we look for better ways to safeguard the health, safety, and fundamental rights of our employees as well as to improve the neighborhood and environment in which they work. We have a lot of faith that the entire department we work with operate in accordance with contemporary safety regulations and adhere to international norms.

Product Development

SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES looks forward to meeting the needs of newly identified clients. We promise to give them the necessities they require in a timely manner. SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES keeps an eye on the condition of the factories and ensures that they update their technology in accordance with the demands of the fashion sector. Along with the developing trend, we regularly share information on how they might expand their sources of raw materials and train their workforce, which unquestionably includes our own. Our meticulous efforts to meticulously re-engineer every stage of the company's value chain, including procurement, production process and planning, labour force, productivity, and efficiency, have earned us worldwide distinction as the company that consistently outperforms its rivals.

Price Negotiation and Verification

The market-competitive pricing range we provide for the queries we receive is our best objective for price strategies. The creation of negotiation objectives is necessary for any price action. We make sure that the breadth and depth of the study we conduct to support the objectives are closely correlated with the amount, significance, and difficulty of the pricing action

However, when a cost study is necessary, our highly skilled technical staff is committed to collaborating with the appropriate department to negotiate a fair and acceptable pricing that benefits all parties.

Order Follow up / Merchandising

Our operations at SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES are successful because of a comprehensive methodology. The upkeep of our department's appearance, the preparation of the goods for production, and all other facets of providing excellent service to our cherished clients are all included in this. We follow the guidelines below to accomplish this:

Consumer Surveys: Competitive pricing, market research on new products, trends, and fashion, among other topics.

Mix of Products: We offer a variety of goods at affordable pricing.

Service Selling: permits the targeted, service- and customer-oriented development of the customer potential (pre-existent in the market). SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES thinks it's crucial to comprehend customer wants and come up with the best way to match those needs to offers, which should ideally be made up of standardised service modules.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

We at SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES have refined our quality system, which consists of articles, procedures, and product checks, during the decades we have been in business. SAKARIA KNITTING INDUSTRIES has made the characteristics of our system adequately effective by modifying and improving it continually. The most recent technology, such as computerised quality control and feed-back processes, have been installed in all the department which we work with, raising awareness of quality among our workforce.

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